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Congratulations! You've made the decision to follow your dream. Whether it's a brewery, distillery, or winery, now the pressure is on... facility, budgets, contractors, permits... the list goes on. The next decision is where to put your effort. Do you deviate into construction management or stay laser focused on your product.

If the voice in your head is shouting stay focused, then Brewery Werks is your next call.

The Brewery Werks team of experts has years of experience building breweries, managing installations, and chasing contractors. From one fermenter to 115 vessels, advanced bottling lines, and complex logistics, we've done it. Whether you need a fully entrenched construction management team or just an owners’ representative, our team has the experience needed to support your brewery, winery or distillery project.

Our craft is building your craft.

- Construction management
- Design / build management
- Project management
- Facility Acquisition
- Master planning
- Logistic assistance
- Owner representation



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